apexMobi Mobile Application is a simple & hassle-free mobile application; providing online trading (currently inactive), portfolio, ledger, trade confirmation & other services to all Apex Investments Limited customers.

apexMobi Mobile Application for Android

  1.   Online Trading (currently inactive)
  2.   An Investor can check his/her Portfolio
  3.   Ledger Statement from 01 week to 03 months
  4.   Trade Confirmations from 01 week to 03 months
  5.   IPO Request
  6.   Fund Withdrawal Request
  7.   Tax Certificate Request
  8.   Branch locations locator
  9.   Easy access to hotline numbers and easy way to email


Portfolio, Ledger & Trade Confirmation
You can check your Daily Short Portfolio, Ledger & Trade confirmation just in single click. If you are in Margin or Trigger call then a notification will flash in your short portfolio. Ledger & Trade Confirmation is available for 02 week to 03 months.
You can request for fund withdrawal, IPO application & Tax Certificate anytime from anywhere through apexMobi Mobile Application.
Graphical Charting
You can analysis Historical Price Movement of each DSE enlisted instruments. You can also get DSEX & DS30 graphical charting (index) to analysis the market movements.